Is The Nevers Based on a Book

Victorian norms and science fiction tropes when, in 1896, a mysterious occurrence in London endows hundreds of people with extraordinary abilities. It’s easy to imagine The Nevers as the centre of a steampunk novel, but the film isn’t based on any written work.

Is The Nevers Based on a Book

Joss Whedon, the mind behind shows like “Firefly” and “Buffy the Vampire Slayer,” is responsible for the concept. (When claims of workplace harassment appeared on some of his other projects, Whedon decided to stand aside from his duties on The Nevers.

Is The Nevers Based on a Book

He issued a statement saying, “I am really fatigued, and am stepping aside to devote my focus towards my personal life,” which served as his explanation for resigning. In The Nevers, we see what occurs when people who are marginalised in Victorian society (women, people of colour, etc.)

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are granted extraordinary abilities. The term alludes to the general public’s perception of those who have been gifted with extraordinary superpowers. They don’t refer to themselves as “the Nevers” throughout the series.

The term is intended to elicit some form of response to their strangeness, to what is deemed unnatural. There was never any reason for you to be this way, and you never should have been.

Yet, I see it as an opportunity to turn a perceived flaw into a source of pride. Something that would never happen in a million years are actually happening. “These things are happening, and the people who experience them are becoming a part of the global community.”

In that same interview, he mentioned that he had always wanted to work on a project set in the Victorian era. “That time period, that culture, that stuff is absolutely intriguing to me,” he remarked.

“This was especially true at the turn of the century, when the world was on the verge of undergoing a profound transformation.” He claimed he was aiming for something between a superhero period piece and a Dickensian tale, with lots of different characters from the time period.

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This is not his first effort at writing a story set in the nineteenth century. Back in 2015, he reportedly told that he wanted to create a comic book starring a Victorian-era superhero.

Even if the comic hasn’t been published yet, it’s not too far off from what The Nevers eventually become. In regards to the future of [the comic], I can’t say. “I have no idea if they’ll cancel each other out,” Whedon told.