10 Best ‘GoGoAnime’ Alternatives for Watching Anime Online

In the last couple of years, GoGoAnime has been the most used website among all the other anime websites. It is because they have a Huge database and multiple servers to run anime.

The main drawback of GoGo Anime is the Ads that ruin the experience of online anime watching. Here are a few sites like GoGoAnime that give you a better experience of online anime watching.

10 Best GoGoAnime Alternatives for Watching Anime Online

1 – Crunchyroll

Crunchyroll ranks 1st among all GoGoAnime alternatives. It supports itself and the sponsoring companies by which the videos are produced through Premium membership, donations, and Ads.

Crunchyroll has the most extensive collection (25000+) of anime, and they update it every day. They provide a 1-month free premium subscription (no ads and can create library) for all new users.

Best GoGoAnime Alternatives for Watching Anime Online

The subscription can be canceled anytime. The database has been extracted directly, so some of the dubbed versions aren’t available. The only issue that most users faced was the lack of excellent customer support. The UI is simple to navigate, but there is no option to download anime.

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2 – 9Anime

9Anime is another best alternative to GoGoAnime. 9Anime has a relatively better UI( User Interface) among the other anime websites. One of the best features that have made most anime fans to use this website is the bookmark feature.

Here anyone can import their MyAnimeList, which automatically is updated when you use an add on. Although you’ll have to sign in to avail of this feature. 9Anime has a vast collection of dubbed anime and almost all anime genres. But there are few better alternatives for 9anime which require no signup.

3 – Stremio

Stremio runs an app to watch anime online. But unlike AnimeUltima, Stremio provides movies and TV series on the application, without advertisements. After logging in to the Stremio app, you’ll find many videos/media recommendations to play on the homepage. Stremio also provides add-ons, which makes it a lot easier to use.

The buffering of videos is relatively less as compared to the other applications which stream anime/movies for free. Stremio can be installed on any device (except Android TV Box, firestick). The UI (User Interface) is user friendly. Stremio aggregates data from other sources via open-source software, so sometimes videos become unplayable, which is the major drawback of using Stremio.

4 – KissAnime

Kissanime is the most popular alternative for GoGoAnime. It is because GoGoAnime can latch on to your website and invite a lot of malware. Just like any other anime websites, Kissanime arranges the latest anime on the home page as well.

They schedule the release dates of anime. Also, they let the users download anime (in HD) so that they could watch it when they have free time. The main drawback in Kissanime is that it doesn’t work on the lite versions of browsers, like GoGoAnime. But don’t worry, there are many more alternatives for GoGoAnime.

5 – Putlocker

Putlocker is a popular site not just to watch anime but also to watch movies for free. Putlocker also ranks 8th among all the movie sites. There’s no need for any signup or registration to access the movies (with subtitles) or animes you want.

As the revenue of the sites is completely based on ads, opting live streaming would be relatively better else ads would probably keep popping while you try to download a movie. Or you could simply use an adblocker or VPN. The only drawback is that not all movies are available in HD. Unlike other websites, they never ask personal info/credit card info.

6 – AnimeUltima

AnimeUltima is just like AnimeUltima, with a huge collection of both subbed and dubbed anime. It’s one of the few websites that run an app to stream anime online. It doesn’t provide a download option.

But it has almost all dubbed or at least subbed anime series, in all possible video qualities. It does have ads that try to trick you, but to get free movies, it is natural to see this kind of thing. The site works as long as you keep closing the new ads that pop up when you click a link.

7 – AnimeLand

AnimeLand has a good collection of anime (both sub and dub), mangas, and anime movies. Though the UI (User Interface) looks kind of old fashioned, the anime collection would probably compensate it. The website runs on adverts, so pop-ups keep appearing every time you try to play a video.

Almost every anime is available in the best possible video quality (480p to 1080p). Most anime is dubbed, yet you can find subbed ones too, and there is no need to register or sign up.

8 – AnimePlanet

AnimePlanet has a huge collection of anime, TV series, and manga with a wide range of categories and genres. They also have the option to choose what to play next. We can create our own library. They also have a forum where all anime fans could share their reviews.

Just like the other websites, AnimePlanet runs on adverts; hence ads pop-out, but they aren’t long. They also have challenges in the number of anime that you can watch per season. They also rank anime characters as the most loved and hated, by the reviews that they get. Available only when you sign up (Free).

9 – KuroAni

Kuroani has all the features similar to that of the other websites mentioned above. But in addition to that, they tell us if the show is completed or is ongoing. They also choose random anime and movies to watch on the home screen.

They also categorize dubbed and subbed anime before playing them and also provide us with a short description of the anime or TV series. They have a separate icon dedicated to cartoons as well. And if you like the way the developers animate, there’s an option to support them via donation.

10 – AnimeFrenzy

AnimeFrenzy has the best UI (User Interface) with a dark theme. Just like the other websites, you’ll find categories like Dubbed and subbed movies, popular, Genres, best picks, etc. to start with. You can also login to create your library.

Categorization into sub and dub made the navigation simpler. They have a forum where people can talk either about the anime (main chat) or a casual talk(off-topic). They also provide information on the time of the releases of the latest episode. They also provide a schedule for the release of new anime/episode.

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Final Words

So, the top 10 alternatives for GoGoAnime ends right here. We’re pretty sure that at least one among these alternatives would be effective in experiencing a better feel of watching anime online. A legend once said prevention is better than cure.

As GoGoAnime is slowly being blocked (for piracy), it is pretty useful to know the alternatives before it is being blocked at your locality. Also, let us know if you were/are using any of the sites mentioned above so that others can take benefit from it.