What is Snapchat Planets in Snapchat Plus

All of the competing services now require users to pay extra for access to their premium features. Users who pay for these subscriptions have access to exclusive perks. YouTube Premium, WhatsApp Business, and Telegram are just few of the services that have switched to a paid subscription model.

Snapchat has followed in the footsteps of these networks by releasing its own, premium edition, Snapchat+. Certain Snapchat+ features are reserved for premium subscribers. Snapchat Planets is one such function.

It compares the people on your buddy list to planets based on how often you communicate with them. Perhaps you’re still confused by the Snapchat solar system; in what sequence do the planets appear?

Don’t fret; we’ve got your back. What are Snapchat planets, what do they mean, in what sequence, and everything else related to them will be covered in this post.

Snapchat Planets

What Is Snapchat Plus?

Users that upgrade to Snapchat+ gain access to a slew of premium options. To use Snapchat Plus and all of its extra features, users must pay a monthly subscription fee.

In the United States, Snapchat Plus is being released in stages for the iPhone and Android at a monthly cost of $3.99, a six-month cost of $21.99, and an annual cost of $39.99. There is a 7-day free trial available prior to paying for a subscription.

Swapping out Snapchat’s icon, finding out who has rewatched your story, and designating certain people as BFFs are just a few of Snapchat+’s most interesting features.

However, it’s important to remember that paying the monthly fee won’t get rid of the advertising, so you’ll just have to put up with them. According to Jacob Andreou, Snapchat’s SVP of Business, in an interview with The Verge, “Ads are going to stay at the foundation of our revenue strategy for the long future.”

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What Are Snapchat Planets?

You should be familiar with the appearance of a genuine solar system. The nearest planet is the one that orbits the sun. Snapchat’s new Solar system functionality is based on this idea. If you have Snapchat Plus, you are the sun, and the person with whom you share the most streaks is the nearest planet to you.

Your “first closest friend” on the site will be that person. The positions of the second, third, and fourth planets will also be determined by your streak.

This will continue until the eighth planet is reached. Snapchat’s planetary sequence is meant as a playful method to highlight your app-based pals and should not be taken seriously. Only users who pay for Snapchat Plus will have access to this.

What’s The Order of Snapchat Planet?

The following is a ranking of the planets or users based on the amount of streaks they have.

Mercury – Mercury is the closest planet to the sun, thus it makes sense that this bitmoji would appear in front of the person with whom you’ve shared the most streaks. In addition, he is one of your closest friends. The symbol for this location is a “Pink Planet with Red Hearts.”

Venus – In the Snapchat solar system, Venus is the next stop. Your second closest friend is represented by the friend username mentioned, as they are the ones with whom you share the second highest number of streaks. To visualize this concept, picture a “Beige planet with yellow, blue, and pink hearts.”

Earth – As Earth is the third planet in our solar system, this friend is considered to be our third closest on Snapchat. Imagery for this concept includes a “green and blue planet with red hearts and the moon.”

Mars – Mars is the next planet over, and it stands in for your fourth best friend. The symbol for this concept is a “red planet with purple and blue hearts.”

Jupiter – The planet Jupiter displays your fifth best buddy on Snapchat because it is the fifth planet in our solar system. The symbol for it is a “orange planet with no hearts.”

Saturn – To those unfamiliar with Snapchat, Saturn is the sixth closest friend who appears as a “yellow planet with a ring.”

Uranus – The seventh planet in our solar system is Uranus, and the bitmoji that sits in close proximity to it represents our seventh best buddy. The symbol for this world is a “green planet with no hearts.”

Neptune – The eighth planet in our solar system is called Neptune, and it displays your top eight Snapchat buddies. The symbol for this planet is the phrase, “Blue planet with no hearts.”

What Do The Planets Mean On Snapchat Plus?

The “planets” feature on Snapchat Plus is a fancy method to show how close you are with a particular Snapchat acquaintance. Your eight closest Snapchat pals are each given a planet from Mercury to Neptune, representing the degree to which you are close to each other.

You have eight closest pals who you spend the most time chatting and snapping with. The gold-bordered Best Friends or Friends emblem can be found on a person’s Friendship Profile.

You are “Best Friends” if you are each one of the other person’s top eight friends, and you are “Friends” if you are each one of the other person’s top eight friends but they are not one of yours.

You can find out what planet you represent in their solar system by tapping on the friendship badge. How well you know each other; in other terms. If your friend is the Sun in their solar system and you are Earth, you are third in their circle of closest friends.

Snapchat Friend Solar System Not Working?

If you visit the profiles of your closest friends on Snapchat and don’t see a gold ring indicating that you are friends with them, the Snapchat solar system may seem to be malfunctioning. However, that is not always the case.

There are just two viable hypotheses here. For one, you need to be one of their closest pals before you can peer into their galaxy. Second, Friend Solar Systems can only be viewed if you and your friend have linked Bitmojis.

Knowing the order and appearance of the planets in our Solar System will help you determine your location within a friend’s Solar System. Since only an image of the planet is displayed in Snapchat Plus Friendmoji, not its name or location.

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The Snapchat solar system is completely described. It’s a hilarious parody of actual solar systems, with Mercury (the planet closest to the sun) representing your best friend. Neptune, the eighth planet in our solar system, tops the list and is often referred to as the “best friend” number 8.