iPad Pro Case Compatible With Magic Keyboard

The MagEZ Case for iPad Pro, we know a lot of time has passed. Since then, we’ve been hard at work developing the 100% Magic Keyboard Compatible iPad Pro Case, and we’d like to show some of the progress we’ve made so far.

iPad Pro Case Compatible with Magic Keyboard

This Time, why?

Many people, were blown away by Apple’s March 2018 launches of the newest iPad Pro and the all-new Magic Keyboard. The tablet and keyboard look great and perform flawlessly together, which is why we chose them.

We were thrilled to see Apple making use of magnets to create cutting-edge products, as Apple has been a leader in the development of magnetic systems. We looked into the market and found that there was no Magic Keyboard case that was a perfect fit.

iPad Pro Case Compatible With Magic Keyboard

While there are a variety of cases for the iPad Pro, all of them must be removed before the tablet may be magnetically attached to the Magic Keyboard. Yet, the iPad Pro is more vulnerable to scratches without a case than with the Keyboard attached.

The Process we Used to Develop a Case for the iPad Pro that Works with the Magic Keyboard.

When we started designing in January, we had a general concept that the iPad Pro case would need to be incredibly thin in order to fit snugly with the Keyboard, but we didn’t know how thin until we finished the prototype in May.

Even though the prototype was only 1.75mm thick, it was still too thick for the Magic Keyboard to close correctly with the tablet.

The manufacturing process becomes more challenging the thinner the casing.

The iPad Pro was the company’s first time designing a product with such a large footprint. In order to manufacture the casing, we had to solve a long-standing problem in the field: how to create large-area sections of ultra-thin PC (polycarbonate) using injection moulding.

Is there a reason we can’t make the whole thing out of aramid fibre? Because of the nature of aramid fibre, we can’t insert magnets or the pins if the entire thing is built from it. So it can’t be used with a Magic Keyboard.

Finding the right injection moulding equipment was our first order of business. We looked for an injection moulding machine, both domestically and internationally, that could create the ultra-thin case.

After locating the appropriate machine, we conducted a battery of tests to fine-tune the mould to our requirements. Selecting a flexible material was crucial because of the increased fragility of thin casings. In addition, we needed a plastic with sufficient fluidity so that we could fill the mould.

Aspects of Depth

And there are other considerations than the case’s thickness. We had to think about how deep the case’s frame should be, too. The iPad Pro and Magic Keyboard wouldn’t be compatible if the keyboard were too thick.

Inadequate protection for the iPad Pro would result if the case were even narrower. In order to get the right proportions, we tweaked the mould and tested it a bunch of times.

What iPad Pro Case is Compatible with the Magic Keyboard in Every Way?

A variety of iPad Pro cases are available, and some of them are compatible with the Magic Keyboard. We put a number of different possibilities through our tests, and found that they fell short of our expectations.

Some people had trouble getting their iPads to charge over the Keyboard’s USB-C connector. On some, the Magic Keyboard wouldn’t shut all the way, leaving a gap when we tried to close it.

Using the MagEZ iPad Pro Cover Is a Breeze

Our final case design was thinner than any we had previously tried and (finally) snugly accommodated both the Magic Keyboard and iPad Pro.

We Never Skimp on Quality

The iPad Pro may be charged via the Keyboard’s USB-C port thanks to the three tiny magnetic contacts on the back of the case. Many options, including spring contacts, were investigated to guarantee that the iPad Pro could charge and communicate data using these connections.

The charging speeds and durability of spring contacts are poor. Because of this, they are also the most practical and economical option for production. Due to their durability and capacity to sustain high-level currents, copper connections were chosen, despite being more difficult to include into our design.

iPad Pro case allows for the tablet and Keyboard to be utilised in their optimal configurations. The iPad Pro remains secure even when the Magic Keyboard is not in use. Magnetize it and attach it to the Keyboard whenever you’re ready to type. After you’re done, simply snap it shut.