Barbara Corcoran Net Worth, Age, Height, Family Life, Career as a Businesswoman, And More

Barbara Corcoran, known for her business acumen, impressive real estate career, and charismatic presence on television, has inspired millions with her tenacity and entrepreneurial spirit.

From her beginnings in Edgewater, New Jersey, Corcoran has built an empire and become a household name.

In this article, we delve into the life of Barbara Corcoran, exploring her net worth, age, height, family life, career as a businesswoman, television appearances, books, and presence on social media platforms such as Instagram.

Barbara Corcoran Net Worth

Barbara Corcoran: Age, Height, and Net Worth

Born on March 10, 1949, Barbara Corcoran, as of May 2023, is 74 years old. The towering personality stands at 5 feet 5 inches. With her successful career as a real estate mogul and television personality, Corcoran has amassed an estimated net worth of $100 million.

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Family Life: Parents, Husband, and Kids

Barbara Corcoran was born to parents Florence and Edwin W. Corcoran Jr. She has been happily married to Bill Higgins, a former FBI agent, since 1988. Together, they have two children – Tom and Kate. Prior to her marriage to Higgins, Corcoran was married to her former business partner, Ray Simone.

Barbara Corcoran: The Businesswoman

Corcoran’s journey as a businesswoman is nothing short of inspiring. She co-founded The Corcoran Group, a real estate brokerage, with her then-boyfriend, Ray Simone, in 1973. Over the years, she grew the business into one of the most successful real estate companies in New York City. In 2001, she sold the business for a whopping $66 million.

Corcoran on Television and Her Books

Corcoran’s business acumen led her to become one of the ‘sharks’ on the television show ‘Shark Tank,’ where she evaluates and invests in entrepreneurial ventures. Her sharp insights and experience in the business world have made her one of the favorite ‘sharks’ among viewers.

Additionally, Corcoran is an accomplished author. Her books, such as ‘Shark Tales: How I Turned $1,000 into a Billion Dollar Business’ and ‘Nextville: Amazing Places to Live the Rest of Your Life,’ offer valuable business insights and life advice, reflecting her entrepreneurial journey and wisdom.

Corcoran’s Accident

In 2022, Corcoran was involved in a minor accident. However, she recovered quickly, demonstrating her resilience and indomitable spirit.

Corcoran’s Presence on Wiki and Instagram

Barbara Corcoran’s Wikipedia page offers a detailed overview of her life and career. It serves as a comprehensive source of information about her entrepreneurial journey, personal life, and television appearances.

On Instagram (@barbaracorcoran), Corcoran offers a glimpse into her life, sharing posts about her business insights, behind-the-scenes moments from ‘Shark Tank,’ family pictures, and her experiences as a successful entrepreneur and television personality.

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In Conclusion

Barbara Corcoran’s journey from a diner waitress to a real estate mogul and television personality is a testament to her determination, business acumen, and tenacity. Her life and career continue to inspire and motivate budding entrepreneurs around the world.