What is the Combined in Skiing

The term “combined” refers to a particular type of competition in alpine ski racing. Typically, in a combined race, the downhill and slalom events take place on different days.

What is the Combined in Skiing

The skier with the lowest cumulative time wins. Combined event placement was determined using a convoluted point system until the 1990s.

The super combined is a shortened version of the original, consisting of a speed race (downhill or super-G) and a single run of slalom on the same day.

What is the Combined in Skiing

On Wednesday evening at the 2022 Winter Olympics in Beijing, the men’s alpine combined was being competed in. After reading that, many individuals went online to learn more about alpine combined downhill and alpine combined slalom.

They’re distinct, but each plays a role in the same show. You can get an overview of the Olympic alpine skiing competitions right here.


The goal of this competition is to complete the course as quickly as possible.

Outwardly positioned gates do little more than mark the path of the exercise than they do to prevent unauthorised entry.

Skiers make an effort to avoid contacting them because doing so would slow them down. This is in contrast to the slalom and giant slalom events, in which skiers routinely strike the gates because they are so intent on making tight loops around them.


Alpine skiing’s shortest course is the slalom. Furthermore, it twists the most of anything else we’ve ever seen. Skiers must move from one gate to the next.

A time penalty for taking a curve too quickly or missing a gate might mean the difference between a medal and a disappointing finish. Skiers take two trips down the slalom course.

Combined Alpine

In the alpine combined, competitors take on both a downhill and a slalom course in a single day. Olympic.com states that the downhill can also be done on a super-G course.

In a Giant Slalom

Just what it sounds like. As such, the slalom course is longer and the gates are wider apart. Also, this is a double-header.


The term “Super-G” refers to a type of gigantic slalom. It’s a cross between the downhill race and the giant slalom, with all the speed and intricate turns that come with the latter.

Although the track is more winding than the downhill course, the gates are more apart, allowing skiers to gain momentum.

Group Comprised of a Variety of Races and G

For the first time ever, a competition featuring mixed teams was held in 2018. In slalom skiing competitions, both men and women race down the same course side-by-side. Teams are eliminated after each round until a winner is determined.

The combined is the pinnacle event in alpine skiing, and only the best of the best make it to the Olympic stage to participate.

The one-day competition consists of two parts: a speed-oriented portion and a more technical portion. These include downhill and slalom, while super-G can be substituted for downhill.

Skiers get one run on each course, and the men’s and women’s overall quickest combined times at the end of the competition determine who takes home the gold.