What does TYR Stand for in Olympics

TYR Sport, Inc. is a leading American innovator in the fields of triathlon and swimming apparel and accessories. Along with Swimwear Anywhere, it is owned by the same group.

What does TYR Stand for in Olympics

In 1985, TYR was established by Joseph DiLorenzo and Steve Furniss in Huntington Beach, California.

The Norse god Tr is Honoured in the name TYR.

Many professional athletes, known collectively as Team TYR, are supported by TYR, including the United States and Singapore national swimming teams.

What does TYR Stand for in Olympics

With the 2018 season, TYR became the official apparel of USA Swimming’s Pro Swim Series. From season 8 through 11, all of the female lifeguards on Baywatch wore bathing suits with the TYR insignia.

Our company was founded by a former Olympic team captain and a designer of technical apparel, so we have deep roots in the arenas where athletic prowess and expert craftsmanship are tested and refined.

We’re the company that proves athletics can change the world. We are a firm based on dedication and discipline, and our name honours TYR, the Norse god of valour and sacrifice.

The date is March 29 and the location is Huntington Beach, California.

At the ITU World Triathlon San Diego Media Event on Thursday, March 29th, TYR Sport Inc. will reveal the uniform that the United States Olympic team will wear in Rio.

TYR’s Carbon Technology, used in the Olympic uniform, helps athletes perform at their best by regulating their core body temperature, increasing the efficiency of their breath, decreasing their heart rate, and decreasing their lactic acid concentrations.

Three of the USA Olympic outfits, all featuring an American “Stars and Stripes” engineered print, will be on show at the event: a TYR Female Carbon Swimsuit, a TYR Male Carbon Zipper Back Short John, and a TYR Female Carbon Aeroback Short John.

With TYR’s Carbon Technology, you may benefit from a fitting compression fabric that dries at a superhuman rate, has no inside stitching, and has flat-lock seams that are very durable.

TYR Carbon’s high tensile strength also makes it a very comfortable and thin material, similar to paper.

The triathletes who used Carbon said it helped them to go faster and feel more relaxed throughout their competitions. For serious triathletes looking to reach their full potential, this is a game-changing piece of equipment.

Designing the USA Triathlon Olympic uniform has been an honour for TYR, which is pleased to serve as the organization’s official gear sponsor.

American firm TYR was founded by an Olympic athlete, so it knows firsthand how important state-of-the-art equipment is to success at the highest levels of competition. According to Ryan Dolan, TYR’s Director of Triathlon Sales and Promotions, “TYR Carbon is an exceptional fabric that has helped triathletes become champions.”

As of 2012, nonexclusive apparel rights were also held by TYR and Arena, a European firm founded in 1973 by Horst Dassler, son of Adidas founder Adi. Although TYR began with a minimal package, Speedo later added a few major events and Arena had the championship rights to the pro series.

In other words, it’s not like TYR had no existence prior to that time.

When it became a partner of the French Swimming Federation in 2003, it also signed American swimmer Matt Grevers.

However, it wasn’t until the 2010s that things began to click into place. During the 2012 Olympics, Grevers took home his first individual gold medal.

The British Swimming, LEN (the European aquatics body), the Danish, and the Swiss teams have all signed with TYR in recent years.