Vietnam vs Indonesia World Cup 2022 Time

On Monday, Vietnam will play lowly Indonesia in a bid to advance to the third round of qualifying for the 2022 FIFA World Cup.

With 11 points (three victories, two draws), the Golden Star Warriors are in first place in Group G, two points ahead of the United Arab Emirates.

Vietnam vs Indonesia World Cup 2022 Time

Meanwhile, despite fielding a squad full of rookies, the Garuda Team held Thailand to a 2-2 tie after losing their first five games of the campaign.

Vietnam vs Indonesia World Cup 2022 Time

Despite finishing last in their group, Shin Tae-squad yong’s advanced to the 2023 Asia Cup playoffs thanks to their scoreless draw.

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In 24 meetings, Indonesia has won nine Times while Vietnam has won Six.

When you factor in the Golden Star Warriors’ 3-1 win in Jakarta during the first leg of the qualifications, you can see how this team is favoured.

After a 4-0 loss to regional rivals Vietnam on Monday evening local time in Dubai, United Arab Emirates, Indonesia’s hopes of qualifying for yet another World Cup were effectively dashed.

Indonesia was forced to play defence right from the opening whistle at Al Maktoum Stadium, as Vietnam swarmed the Garuda in their end of the field.

But Indonesia held firm until the 51st minute,

When Vietnam took the lead on a goal by Nguyen Tien Linh, who volleyed in a shot that had rebounded off the post.

Tien Linh’s goal was met with some scepticism, as he was suspected of using a hand to stabilise the ball before putting it in the net.

While Indonesia qualified for the 1938 World Cup as the Dutch East Indies, Vietnam is on the verge of being the first Southeast Asian country to qualify for the World Cup in over 80 years.

Group G was led by Vietnam (a Southeast Asian powerhouse for quite some time) with 14 points, followed by the United Arab Emirates (12).

Thailand and Malaysia, two other Southeast Asian powerhouses, followed with nine points, and Indonesia, the region’s weakest link, finished last with zero.

On June 11, Indonesia will play the United Arab Emirates in its final World Cup qualification game. The hosts are still hoping to finish first in their group and earn a spot in the tournament.

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The 2019 Silver Medalists, Indonesia, beat the Philippines 4-0 to put their fate in their own hands Heading into the Final Matchday.

First, Muhammad Ridwan scored for Indonesia in the 18th minute, and then Rizky Ramadhani added another goal for his team a minute before halftime.

In the U20 Asian Cup qualifications, Vietnam lost their final game, 2-3, to the host nation of Indonesia. Their fate would not be determined until the results of other groups were known.

It was eventually determined that, out of 10 groups, they were among the top five second-place teams.