S. Robles Olympic Games Tokyo 2020

In the United States, weightlifter Sarah Elizabeth Robles was born on August 1, 1988. She became the first American athlete to win a medal in Olympic weightlifting in 16 years when she qualified for the 2012 Summer Olympics in London and won bronze in the event four years later in Rio de Janeiro.

At the Tokyo Olympics in 2020, she won bronze in the +87 kg division, making history as the first American woman to win two Olympic weightlifting medals.

S. Robles Olympic Games Tokyo 2020

S. Robles Olympic Games Tokyo 2020

To the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games, Team USA will send eight lifters, four men and four women. A big number of potential medal winners are included in the final roster of the largest U.S. Olympic team since 1996, when the Games were held in Atlanta.

Jourdan Delacruz, who won the IWF World Cup in Rome last year and the Pan American Championships twice, is one of them. Wesley Kitts, the gold medalist from the 2019 Pan American Games, and up-and-comer Clarence Cummings Jr., age 20, are both included in the men’s roster.

At age 32, Sarah Robles will be competing in her second consecutive Olympics, hoping to make history for her country.

The United States of America’s Sarah Robles earned bronze for the second time at the 2020 Tokyo Olympics. On August 2, 2021, Robles competed in the Women’s +87-kilogram category, and she went five for six, accumulating a total of 282 kilogrammes (621.7 pounds).

Being the first American Woman to win a Weightlifting Medal at the Olympics twice, her Success sets a new Standard for the Country.

Sarah Robles, a native of Desert Hot Springs, California, lifted her way to a historic bronze medal on Monday at the Olympics in Tokyo with a grin on her face, many fist-pumps, loud roars, and respectful bows along the way.

The 2016 Olympic bronze medalist, Robles made history by becoming the first American woman to win three weightlifting medals at the Olympics.

Robles said as much in the Postgame Press Conference.

I feel like I’ve been fighting an uphill battle my whole career, and the wind is always blowing in the wrong direction. It means a lot to me to have gone from being at the bottom of the sport to being at the top of the sport and to have made history in this sport.

‘I don’t care what medal we go for,’ I told my coach flat out. A medal is all I want,” the Olympian who had already won three declared. “I don’t want to risk injury by trying something for which I may not be well prepared.”

At +87 kg. Class, with her final Snatch weight of 128 Kilogrammes.

Robles went three for three in the event. American Cheryl Haworth, who won a medal in the year 2000, set a new record in 2003, which was equaled in the same year.

Robles’s 154-kilogram clean-and-jerk performance stands as a personal best. She succeeded on the second try. She had a final attempt at 157 kg that she failed after being challenged.

When Robles handed me the barbell, he instructed me to keep my arms straight. When I tried to stand perfectly straight, my arms couldn’t keep up with them. A faster rate of elbow movement was probably necessary if I wanted that extra boost.

She let out a Small Giggle. Just my luck, I Guess.

Robles did not return home from Tokyo empty-handed, either. At her previous PR, she managed to squat 282 kilogrammes. the second Olympic medal of any kind she has ever won.

Robles made history by becoming the first American woman to win two weightlifting medals at the Olympics, and the first American lifter to win multiple medals at the Olympics since 1964, also in Tokyo.