S. Muñoz Olympic Games Tokyo 2020

The golfer from Bogota is Colombia’s 55th representative at Tokyo 2020 + 1. IDRD Networks Image Credit:

S Muñoz Olympic Games Tokyo 2020

Men’s golfer Juan Sebastián Muoz confirmed his attendance at the Tokyo 2020 + 1 Olympic Games, as announced by the District Institute of Recreation and Sports (IDRD) on Tuesday, June 22.

Bogota’s golfer, who was placed in box 24 of the group of 60 categorised, became the 55th Colombian to attend the event when the International Golf Federation (IGF) validated his classification and revealed the list of participating athletes.

S Muñoz Olympic Games Tokyo 2020

On the other hand, Antioquian Camilo Villegas, who also qualified for the Olympics, has decided not to compete “due to other personal projects,” as reported by Caracol Radio.

The famous athlete recently competed and did extremely well at the Valero Texas Open, a PGA Tour event held in April in San Antonio with a total prize pool of $ 7.7 million.

Villegas came up on top, but Bogotá’s Muoz, who shot 68 strokes (4 under par) and finished in the seventh box, also had a very respectable showing.

Occasionally the hole will appear larger than usual, and this was one of those times.

I did well in the game thanks to both skill and good fortune. If you don’t play well, though, you won’t go 8-under. Villas said, “I like this field a lot, but it’s still Thursday and there’s a lot to do.

Keep in mind that the Antioqueo is the result of adversity. Mia Villegas Ochoa, his daughter, passed away in Miami, United States, last year after enduring multiple surgeries to remove a brain tumour and several smaller tumours in her spine.

With Muoz on board, Colombia is nearing its objective of sending a team of 78 athletes to the Tokyo Olympics, where Olympic triple jump champion Caterine Ibargüen will serve as the flag bearer.

At a virtual press conference, Ciro Solano, head of the Colombian Olympic Committee (COC), acknowledged that the team “is ready” and that at least half of them have already left the country.

He lamented that Colombia didn’t field a men’s archery squad, despite the fact that the women’s team advanced to the semifinals of the pre-Olympics in Paris.

Solano also has a rugby delegation, but its beach volleyball and running teams are still eager to secure spots at the biggest sporting event on the planet.

On the court this coming Tuesday, June 22nd, are 55 competitors from the disciplines of athletics, tennis, swimming, wrestling, cycling, taekwondo, judo, equestrian sports, sports shooting, golf, and fencing. Twenty-three others, based on their standings in their respective fields, also aspire to complete their square.

Since the International Weight Federation ratified the suspension to the Colombians Ana Segura, Yenny Sinisterra, and Juan Felipe Arboleda a few weeks ago, the country is waiting for its decision on whether or not to send athletes to the Olympics.

In this juncture, all Scales are Equal.

While “he would regret a bad ruling,” Solano stressed that “we are hopeful that this will be handled positively for the country, positively for the Colombian weights.”