N. Kimmann Olympic Games Tokyo 2020

In a strange wipe-out on Monday, a top BMX gold contender suffered a knee injury only days before his event at the Tokyo Olympics.

N. Kimmann Olympic Games Tokyo 2020

A curious official went out onto the live track during preliminary practise for Thursday’s race, sending Dutch rider Niek Kimmann crashing.

N. Kimmann Olympic Games Tokyo 2020

That’s the story of today, then. Kimmann wrote, “Hit an official who was trying to cross the second straight.

“I pray that the government person is okay. Though my knee hurts, I’ll try to be fine by Thursday. I really value all of your kind words and letters. ”

Several onlookers had yelled “watch out” as Yoshi Nagasako of Japan and Jurgen Kimmann of the Netherlands hit the final jump before the Dutch rider crashed into the official.

Kimmann recognised the warning efforts of French rider Sylvain Andre and Swiss racer David Graf.

He thanked Sylvain and David for their loud support.

Sorry it’s too late, but it’s great to know that despite being fierce rivals on the track, we genuinely care about each other as people off of it.

I was the one racing behind him, and I was terribly afraid,” Nagasako recalled. It is my sincere wish that everything goes swimmingly for you.

The manufacturer of the BMX course said in an unconfirmed report that the official sustained a concussion and was sent to the hospital for examination.

Silver medalist at the Commonwealth Games and two-time Olympian Jade Johnson said the dramatic fall was not as unlikely as it might seem as fans reacted to the viral video.

The British athlete wrote, “I’ve seen this happen on the runway in the Long Jump.”

When a jumper’s head is down during the drive portion of the run-up, an official will make a crossing motion. They were knocked out cold! How perilous! As in, would you mind LOOKING where you’re going?! ”

After Kimmann’s fall, many in the Dutch media and public began to wonder if their Olympic athletes had been under some sort of spell when they landed in Tokyo.

The tournament is a curse on the Netherlands.

Leonne Stantler, a former international footballer turned commentator, penned this.

Upon their arrival, the Dutch team was decimated by the First COVID-19 pandemic, which resulted in the retirement of several star athletes.

Then-cyclist Annemiek van Vleuten of the Netherlands was at the centre of one of the most riveting storylines of the Tokyo Olympics.

At first, the 38-year-old believed she had won the women’s road race gold, not realising that the Austrian Anna Kiesenhofer had finished the race 75 seconds sooner.

However, van Vleuten was ecstatic about his silver medal.

Not only did Arno Kamminga of the Netherlands take silver in the men’s 100-meter breaststroke final, but the Dutch mixed archery team also took home a medal.