Men’s 10M Platform Diving Olympics 2021

On August 6 and 7, 2021, the Tokyo Aquatics Centre hosted the men’s 10-meter platform diving events at the 2020 Summer Olympics in Tokyo.

Since the Summer Olympics of 1904, the event has had 27 total appearances at the Olympic Games.

Men’s 10M Platform Diving Olympics 2021

Each round consists of six dives, and each of the six categories must be represented by a dive (forward, back, reverse, inward, twisting, and armstand).

Men's 10M Platform Diving Olympics 2021

Somersaults, positioning, twists, approach, and entry are all taken into account when determining a dive’s level of difficulty.

Dives can be as easy or as tough as the diver chooses; the FINA rulebook’s highest-scoring dives (reverse 4 12 somersault in pike position and armstand reverse 4 somersault in pike position) are both 4.8. A panel of seven judges is responsible for determining the final scores.

The judges each assign a score out of 10 for each dive, with increments of 0.5 points. The highest and lowest scores are thrown out.

Dive scores are calculated by adding the remaining three ratings and multiplying them by the difficulty rating. The final score for the round is calculated by adding the points from all six dives.

The following are the Saturday’s final standings for the men’s 10m platform dive at the 2020 Tokyo Olympics.

  1. China’s Cao Yuan (582.35).
  2. China’s Yang Jian (580.40)
  3. Thomas Daley (3, UK) 548.25
  4. Place ROC’s Aleksandr Bondar (514.50)
  5. Viktor Minibaev, ROC; 495.85
  6. Ukraine’s Oleksii Sereda, 461.70
  7. Rikuto Tamai (Japan) 431.95
  8. Australia’s Cassiel Rousseau (in the 430.35th position)
  9. Among the 9 is American 407.90

Brazilian tenth-placer Kawan Figueredo Pereira scored 393.85 points.