The ‘IDP.Alexa.51’ Virus(aka Alexa) Virus: What It Is and How To Remove it?

IDP.alexa.51 Virus is a threat to your computer system. This virus is detected by AVG anti-virus suites, Avira, Avast. One should not take the warning of IDP.alexa.51 Virus given by their antivirus software lightly.

It slows down the system, repeat crashes and show the odd behavior like browser hijacking and misuse of system resources. This malware is seen doing some substantial damage to your system. The virus is also called as Alexa Virus.

It has nothing to do with Amazon’s Alexa. This Virus infiltrates your computer system during the installation of games like SeaMonkey, Plant vs. Zombies, and similar.


What Is The IDP.alexa.51 Virus?

Sometimes this virus is detected due to an outdated anti-virus suite database and is known as false positive. But later it was found that this is a malicious program similar to a Trojan that causes a lot of damage to a computer.

The meaning of false positive is when your antivirus software fails to recognize the file and classify it as a virus even it really isn’t the virus. And on the other hand a virus-like trojan enters your system to destroy it.

Some of these Viruses also turn to steal your personal information and send it to hackers. This virus was first detected in 2016 and is thought to be related to some online games. The virus is tricky to identify, as sometimes it acts like a trojan and sometimes like a spyware.

When this virus acts like spyware it sends personal information from the computer to hackers who use it for nefarious purposes. This virus is mostly found in Windows 8.1 and Windows 10.

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You can start your windows in safe mode by following these steps:

  1. Go to Windows 8 Start Screen and type Advanced in the search results select setting.
  2. Clock on Advanced startup option, on the, opened “General PC Setting” panel and select advanced startup.
  3. You have to now click on “Restart now”.
  4. Now your computer will restart into the Advanced Startup Options menu, after this click on “Troubleshoot”.
  5. Then click the “Advanced Options”. Click the startup settings in the advanced options windows.
  6. Now after clicking on Restart your computer system will restart into the startup settings screen.

You can also try HITMANPRO to remove the malware, adware, bots, and other threats that even the best antivirus software mostly misses. HitmanPro runs alongside your antivirus software, along with the firewall and other security tools.

Then press F5 to start your computer system in Safe Mode with Networking.

How Do I Know If I Have The Virus?

These trojans are designed to stealthily infiltrate the victim’s computer system and do not show any particular symptoms therefore, it is difficult to recognize the virus.

As this virus can act like a spyware people fail to notice the changes it brings to the computer system. Some issues like:

  • Slowing down of your computer system.
  • Loss of information, including important window files.
  • Installation of unwanted files.
  • The full-screen error that is visible after a very serious crash called a BLUE SCREEN OF DEATH.
  • Even if you have no programs open, the use of Random Access Memory continues.

When you start or restart your system, a suspicious detection message is noticeable. Seamonkey.exe and Ammsetup.tmp are the files that are detected because of which the message is displayed on the computer system.

Some other detected names like FileRepMalware or TrojanWin32 appears in the case of IDP.alexa.51 Virus.

The IDP.alexa.51 Virus originating from .exe and .tmp files which are located in WindowsPowershell, %appdata%, and %temp% are typically identified by the anti-virus.

If your computer system is being infected by the virus it also download and install other malware into your system, it can also use your computer to perform some fraud activities, keep on recording your keystrokes.

The Virus after infecting your computer system keeps an eye on the sites you visit. It transfers information about your system, such as usernames.

The Virus can also browse the history. It provides easy access to your computer system to Hackers. Even the advertising banners can get infected with this virus. Sometimes the webpage texts also convert themselves into hyperlinks.

How Did I Get The IDP.alexa?51 Virus?

This type of virus enters the computer through downloading of online games and apps, for example- SeaMonkey, Plant vs. Zombies. These games originally never come with the issue but hackers secretly add the IDP.alexa.51 program to the software when it is downloaded from some freeware site.

Hackers do so in order to hack the computer system and gain some personal information. If one uses a peer-to-peer network he or she is likely to get a threat like trojan infiltrating into their computer system.

Such threats also enter the computer through spam emails. Even if you open the mail accidentally the virus infects your system badly.

How Do I Get Rid Of This Virus?

In order to eliminate possible malware infection, one should scan his computer with strong antivirus software. It is recommended to use Malwarebytes. A strong antivirus is able to tackle the threat of IDP.alexa.51 Virus.

It might take some time but with the use of legitimate anti-virus you can get rid of the threat. You should always update the anti-virus software because of the possibility of false positive. After updating the anti-virus software scan or program again.

So that you can check that whether it is a false positive or there is an actual threat to the system. You can also uninstall the apps which you have downloaded from freeware sites, it might manually remove the IDP.alexa.51 Virus.

Also, both Windows and macOS have clear ways to uninstall the apps. Sometimes this virus attaches itself to important files therefore, this approach of uninstalling the app should be handled carefully. Do run the anti-virus software to see if the warning still appears or not once the program is removed.

This step is difficult to perform as you don’t know which core file got infected to this virus as Trojan infects multiple files therefore, removal of a single program is not the solution.

Even after performing the above two methods if you still receive a warning then it clearly shows that you might have a persistent malware infection. This warning indicates that the virus can enter back again.

In this case you should try to remove the virus without antivirus application. Sometimes both antivirus and anti-malware are required to remove the infection. In order renew the computer you can next try for System Restore.

During you perform this step you might lose many files and documents but if nothing works this could be the only remaining choice.

How Can I Avoid Getting The Alexa Virus Again?

You should follow different ways to lower down the risk of re-infection with Alexa Virus.

  1. Update your anti-virus software on time. Only the current protection can save the computer from the coming virus therefore it is required to always keep your anti-virus up-to-date.
  2. Potentially Unwanted programs should be turned off. During the time of downloading if you turn off the PUP the unwanted programs like the Alexa virus will fail to sneak into your computer.
  3. Carefully download the new program. Make sure you download apps from reliable sources otherwise these viruses easily sneak into the computer and damage the system.
  4. Never use the website suggested by pop-up-ads while using other programsThese websites are not a reliable source to download the app or game, and they harm the computer system.
  5. Don’t click on the banner ads when they suddenly appear onto your screen. If the visited website shows you a lot of pop-up-ads leave the website.

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The IDP.alexa.51 Virus is difficult to detect therefore one should update their antivirus software in time and also avoid downloads from any website. As viruses like this bring critical damage to the computer system and also hacks the personal information which is a serious issue.

The virus gets distributed through infected email attachments, malicious online advertisements, social engineering, and software cracks. This Virus steals bank information, passwords, and identity theft.

Therefore, it is always better to avoid your computer systems from getting infected and update the anti-virus software in time. To save your computer, always take preventive security measures:

1-You should always configure a firewall

2-Keep on installing the antimalware software, and also maintain the antimalware software.

3-You should secure your web-browser.

4-Use strong passwords.

5-Never use attachments.

6-Never click unknown links.

7-Always keep your eye on available update.

We hope the article is helpful and informative enough to make you deal with the IDP.alexa.51 Virus. One requires advanced computer skill to deal with the virus. And it is always better to avoid performing things which can infect your computer system with the virus-like this.

If in case your computer catches the infection just make sure to install the latest operating system updates and use antivirus software.