How to Make Ramen Better

Instant ramen comes with a spice packet that gives the noodles a savory umami taste. A food writer, chef, and recipe developer named Anna Rider told Insider that not all of these flavor packets are made equal.

“Popular brands at conventional grocery stores come with lackluster spices and seasonings,” said Rider. Noodles cooked in chicken or vegetable broth and topped with chili oil, Sriracha, or sesame oil and red pepper flakes are preferred.

If you buy instant ramen from an Asian market, though, you should save the packet because it will likely contain authentic spices.

How to Make Ramen Better

How to Make Ramen Better

Authenticity of flavor is paramount when eating ramen. The restaurant version of ramen has far more umami and depth of flavor than the instant variety, simply because the broth takes so much longer to prepare.

Fortunately, there are a ton of ways to give your instant ramen a gourmet twist. Numerous are simple to execute and can significantly alter the flavor of your noodles. You can choose from an incredible variety of tastes. Let’s delve in and investigate several common choices.

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Changing up the Broth

You should start by switching out the broth. When it comes to the overall flavor and texture of a bowl of ramen, the broth is king, and there are plenty of ways to change things up. You can begin by lowering the starch content of your broth, but hold off on adding the seasoning packet until later.

Be sure to use freshly boiled water by pouring it into the bowl before adding the packet mix. The noodles should be drained after cooking and added to the broth. Using this method, your broth will have a light consistency without the use of any additional starch.

Coat with Egg

Putting an egg on top of your ramen is a terrific way to add some protein and balance out the salty of the noodles. The egg yolk mellows the ramen’s saltiness and helps bring all the tastes together. Including a soft-boiled egg is a common technique.

This allows the yolk to remain runny, which adds an excellent creamy egginess to the soup. You may get the same result by topping your dish with a fried egg cooked past the medium point.

The easiest way to poach an egg without dirtying any additional cookware is to do it right in the pot of boiling noodles. These eggs will resemble and taste like egg drop soup.

Sprinkle Some Greens on Top

You may improve the nutritional value of your ramen and give it some extra flavor by adding vegetables. You have a lot of leeway in terms of what you put into your soup; express yourself! Rapidly cooked vegetables are a great choice.

Throw in some chopped cabbage, spinach, bean sprouts, bok choy, or mustard greens right before serving, and they’ll cook in the steam and residual heat of the noodles and broth while still maintaining their delightful crunch.

Easy! Shiitake mushrooms, which can be sautéed, are another alternative. You can easily make this traditional topping for ramen at home. In a pinch, cremini mushrooms can be substituted for their robust umami flavor. You may also throw in some edamame, corn, daikon, snow peas, or sliced carrots.

Toss in Some Chili Flakes or Chili Oil, such as Togarashi.

Togarashi chili pepper is a simple way to add heat to ramen for those who enjoy it. It adds a nice kick to ramen broth, but you can sprinkle it on just about anything. This Japanese chili oil is another option if you’re looking to spice things up. The extra kick can completely transform your instant ramen into a new and improved culinary adventure.

Sprinkle Some Soy Sauce On It

Grab some soy sauce for a traditional flavor. Many Asian dishes rely on its substantial umami flavor and savory saltiness. Soy sauce (shoyu) is a staple component in shoyu ramen, a traditional Japanese cuisine. Even a small amount added towards the end will enhance the flavor.

Combine with Peanut Butter

You might be shocked by how good this actually is if you give it a shot despite how odd it initially sounds. Some pepper paste or chili sauce for heat, lime juice for acidity, honey for sweetness, and soy sauce for umami and saltiness are all excellent additions to this method.

This results in a dish resembling peanut-flavored ramen noodles prepared in a Thai style. The soup thickens, giving the noodles a luxurious velvety coating, and the combination of creaminess and nuttiness creates an almost fusion-like feeling.

Check Out Your Seasonings

The contents of your spice closet may provide the inspiration needed to spice up your ramen. Simple additions like chili powder and garlic powder can make a significant impact. If you have access to Chinese Five Spice, use that instead. If you’re feeling daring, you could even throw in some curry powder or a cinnamon stick.

Brown Sugar and Butter

Popular ramen dish from TikTok. The strategy quickly garnered a lot of traction on the social media site after going viral. Smooth and rich, yet tangy and spicy, salty and sweet. You won’t find many recipes that include all of those flavors together.

TikTok ramen is prepared by melting butter in a skillet over low heat. Put in some garlic and soften it up a bit so it smells good. Add some crushed red pepper, brown sugar, and soy sauce and mix well. Combine the ingredients, and you’ll have sauce. There’s no need for a broth package.

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You could be eating ramen tonight for a variety of reasons. Perhaps this week’s grocery money is tight. Maybe you didn’t have time to make a quick trip to the grocery store, so you’re just using what you have on hand.

Perhaps this is your normal diet because you’re a student. For whatever reason, here are a few simple ways to make your ramen more interesting. You can use these guidelines whether you’re starting with a purchased ramen mix or attempting a homemade version.

If you take just one of our suggestions to heart, your ramen is guaranteed to be better. Hope now you know How to Make Ramen Better.