Best 5 ‘Fitness Apps’ For 2024

The finest fitness apps allow you to work out regardless of your location. Rather than shell out money for a gym membership if you’re not feeling it, why not download one of the top fitness apps instead?

Best 5 “Fitness Apps” For 2024

Certain pieces of home gym equipment now feature a helpful partner app, making it easier than ever to keep track of your health and workout progress without leaving the house. If you want to get in shape, you need an app, but which one should you download?

Look for one that fits your needs and how you like to exercise. If you want to know how to train for a marathon, for instance, you’ll look at running apps like Strava.

Fitness Apps

1: Apple Fitness Plus

For Apple users, Apple Fitness Plus is a top choice for fitness apps. There is a wide selection of workouts to pick from, taught by a wide variety of trainers, including high-intensity interval training (HIIT), strength training (ST), core training (CBT), yoga, Pilates, and meditation.

While there is currently no way to filter classes based on difficulty, we appreciated the presence of two teachers in the background during testing, demonstrating changes for beginners and those who wish to push themselves further.

Classes can be filtered by trainer, time, and the music you choose to work out to, so the app isn’t as intimidating as it may seem at first. You can also create a library of classes that you’ve taken or intend to take in the future for easy access and selection.

If you’re wearing a high-quality Apple Watch, you can check your progress on the screen as you work out. With an upgrade in 2022, though, you won’t need an Apple Watch to participate in Apple Fitness Plus classes, and you’ll still have access to thousands of in-home and in-gym workouts.

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2: Nike Training Club

To help people stay in shape during the COVID-19 pandemic, Nike provided all of the material in its Nike Training Club app free for 90 days beginning in March 2020. Unlike the other apps on this list, there is no longer a premium edition of this one.

However, Nike updated the app and took away some of the popular training programmes that had been available. Instead, you may narrow down your search for a workout by selecting specific criteria like the muscle area you want to work (abs and core, arms and shoulders, or glutes and legs), the workout’s focus (endurance, mobility, strength, and yoga), or the equipment you have available.

Filtering by time, volume, and intensity is also an option. During evaluation, we found both the instructor-led and whiteboard exercises to be interesting and inspiring, with the latter being especially useful because it displays the full routine for you to follow at your own leisure. The workout can also be synced with Apple Music.

3: Peloton

The Peloton workout app is the next best thing if you don’t have the money for a Peloton exercise bike or Tread. You can receive the same post-Peloton high from any one of the thousands of interactive classes out there.

The instructors are notably passionate, and students can even participate in real-time sessions and compete against one another. Testing this app’s variety of exercises (from strength training to yoga to HIIT cardio) kept us from becoming bored.

You may easily incorporate a stretch or cool-down into your workout thanks to the flexibility to stack classes. Although the courses can be followed along on a smartphone or tablet, we recommend watching the exercises on a TV for the full Peloton experience.

If you want to get stronger or “crush your core” in four weeks, the Peloton programmes can help you get there by providing a longer schedule of courses. Runners’ strength, resistance band training, and Pilates courses are just a few examples of the kind of workouts that may be found in the various collections of programmes.

4: Sweat

Sweat, the creation of Australian personal trainer Kayla Itsines, evolved from a 2015 series of free “Bikini Body Guides” into a comprehensive training software with a wide variety of programmes and recipes to help you succeed.

All women, from those just starting out on their fitness journey after having a baby to those who want to feel more comfortable lifting heavy weights in the gym, can find the appropriate programme to meet their needs.

Kayla and other fitness experts including Kelsey Wells, Chontel Duncan, Britany Williams, and Stephanie Sanzo are among the trainers available. If you want to throw in a few barre sessions here and there, you can easily adjust your schedule and sign up for lessons whenever you choose.

Apple Watch users can still enjoy the exercises. No free version of the app is available, however new users can try it out for 7 days at no cost. Although the testing team enjoyed the app’s variety of activities, they did not find it convenient to manually skip between exercises by bending down.

Although we believe this software to be primarily designed for female users, male users should have no trouble keeping up with the suggested workouts.

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5: EvolveYou

EvolveYou is a great app to use if you prefer to switch up your workout routine by switching between cardio, weights, Pilates, HIIT, the gym, and home workouts. The app, created by fitness expert Krissy Cela specifically for women, features six different trainers and a wide variety of exercise routines from each.

Throughout our testing, we discovered that the app’s interface was straightforward, albeit occasionally buggy. The app’s programmes were straightforward and easy to follow, making them appropriate for both fitness novices and seasoned pros.

We liked that we didn’t have to watch a video and could instead listen to our own music or a podcast as we worked out.