Top 6 Alternatives Sites Like ‘Extratorrent’ Alternatives in 2024

ExtraTorrents is a secure alternative to existing torrent search engines for users who are concerned about their privacy and don’t want the search engine to track their location or other data.

Top 6 Alternatives Sites Like “Extratorrent” Alternatives in 2024

Easily download torrents of your favourite movies, anime, games, software, music, and TV shows in an instant from a wide variety of fast torrent servers. You can use any of several search engines to unearth any torrent, no matter how heavily censored or removed it may be.

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If you use a search engine that allows you to specify a category for your query, the results you want will appear at the top of the page, saving you the trouble of scrolling down the page to see them.

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Features of Extratorrent

  • Peer-to-peer torrent sharing
  • Multiple languages supported
  • Best search tools
  • Built-in downloader

Here Are 6 Best ExtraTorrents Alternatives for 2023:

1: Skytorrents

Skytorrents, a torrent search engine that debuted in 2018, is both tidy and concerned about users’ privacy. The intelligence connection ensures that this cutting-edge project is always up-to-date, and while human input is restricted, it is still possible. A large number of new torrents are found every day and made available for study by everyone.

Skytorrents offers a free service with unlimited bandwidth and complete anonymity because it doesn’t use cookies. The user-friendly interface and top 100 list, which ranks the 100 most downloaded files in the directory, make it possible for the user to access the whole torrent file archive.

2: Torlock

You may download thousands of movies, TV episodes, games, software, anime, and books via torrent via Torlock, an alternative to RARBG. If you’ve already seen everything on your watch list, it will suggest popular torrents and provide fast download speeds for new ones.

Participate in the thread to either give or receive torrent-related info from other users. Submit your torrents and participate in the ongoing conversation in the community forum.

The best accessible file can be downloaded by voting on torrent files based on their downloading speed, seeds, peers, and torrent health.

3: TorrentKing

Enter the name of the torrent you’re looking for and TorrentKing or TorrentRex, a Meta movie engine, will help you find it on the internet. Find the fastest torrent by seeing all of them and comparing their speeds.

You can save time and get more files downloaded in less time if you use filters to help you locate what you’re looking for. You can learn everything you need to know about a movie before you download it by clicking on it.

It’s an alternative to RARBG that arranges torrent files mechanically by rating and amount of downloads.

4: Demonoid

Demonoid is a popular torrent index with a user-friendly interface, making it one of the most visited sites of its kind. The latest torrent updates and other relevant features are shown on the homepage. Ask a question and thousands of other users will help you figure it out.

Learn more about each torrent before selecting it for download by checking its upload and transfer speeds. To access your saved information, either create an account by entering your email and password or log in if you already have one.

5: KickassTorrents

If you’re looking for an alternative to RARBG, go no further than KickassTorrents. It has a similar interface and is just as safe, with a database containing hundreds of thousands of the most popular torrents.

You can filter torrents by size, peers, seeds, time since upload, upload date, etc., to get exactly what you’re looking for. It allows you to increase the level of anonymity in P2P file sharing by employing state-of-the-art BitTorrent protocols.

If you want to ensure that the torrent you download is completely functional and secure, read all of the technical details about it beforehand. As a way to stay abreast of current trends, we’ve broken up the top 100 torrents across all categories for easy viewing.

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6: LimeTorrents

LimeTorrents is a torrent search engine that displays a list of all the accessible torrent links for a specific file upon entering the file’s name, after which the user can select a torrent to begin downloading the content.

You can add a torrent to your bookmarks and save it to access it later across all of your smart devices when you sign in to your LimeTorrents account. Each torrent link includes additional information about its status, including its size, the number of seeders and leechers, and the date it was uploaded.

In the event that LimeTorrents is unavailable in your location, you can use the LimeTorrents proxy list to access the site and download your favourite content.