Double Sculls Olympic Games Tokyo 2020

From July 23rd to the 28th of 2021, the Sea Forest Waterway hosted the men’s double sculls competition at the 2020 Summer Olympics.

There were 26 rowers from 13 different countries.

Double Sculls Olympic Games Tokyo 2020

Each boat in this race is propelled by two rowers, making it a “double scull” event. Sculling differs from sweep rowing, in which each rower uses a single oar and rows on only one side of the boat, as indicated by the word “scull” in the term.

Double Sculls Olympic Games Tokyo 2020

There will be Several Rounds in the Competition.

There will be three rounds of competition as there have been in the past. There are finals to see where each boat ends up. The course utilises the traditional Olympic distance of 2000 metres, established in 1912.

There were three preliminary rounds in the first round. Each heat had a top three finisher move on to the semis, while the worst two went to the repechages.

The Repechage was an Additional Chance for Rowers to advance to the Semi-Finals.

It was the boat’s performance in the repechage that determined its semifinal draw. After the repechage, only the top three boats advance to the semifinals; the others are eliminated.

Each of the Two Semi-finals Included a total of six boats.

Those who finished first, second, and third in their respective heats moved on to Final A to fight for medals. Those boats that made it to Final B all did so.

When the third and final round was over, the winner was crowned. The results of each finale are used to create a table of ranks.

The top six finishers and medalists were selected by the A final, while positions seven through twelve were chosen by the B final.

During the July 28, 2021, ceremony for the Men’s Double Sculls final at the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games in Tokyo, Japan, from left to right: Melvin Twellaar (1st L)/Stef Bronenink (2nd L) of the Netherlands; Hugo Boucheron (3rd L)/Matthieu Androdias (3rd R) of France; Liu Zhiyu (2nd R)/Zhang Liang of China. Source: (Xinhua/Du Xiaoyi)

THE CITY OF TOKYO, July 28 (Xinhua) — On Wednesday, France won the men’s double sculls event in a new Olympic record time of 6 minutes and 0.33 seconds, just beating out the Netherlands.

In a Race to the Finish between French and Dutch Rowers,

Hugo Boucheron and Matthieu Androdias emerged victorious. In a time of 6:00.53, Melvin Twellaar and Stef Broenink took second place.

Liu Zhiyu and Zhang Liang of China finished third in 6 minutes, 3.63 seconds. This is the first Olympic medal ever won by the Chinese men’s rowing team. Enditem