Are They Making A Kissing Booth 4

What are the prospects for The Kissing Booth 4, given that the trilogy has concluded? Three years after its 2018 debut, Netflix broadcast The Kissing Booth 3, concluding the teen romantic comedy series.

The series, based on the books of the same name by Beth Reekles, follows the exploits of the protagonist Elle Evans (Joey King) as she comes of age.

Are They Making A Kissing Booth 4

Her first serious relationship was with Noah Flynn (Jacob Elordi), the brother of her best friend Lee Flynn, in the first version of The Kissing Booth (Joel Courtney). A friendship rule that forbids romantically involved with each other’s family members caused some initial friction between the three, but all worked out in the end.

Are They Making A Kissing Booth 4

When compared to its predecessor, The Kissing Booth 2, the story was much larger and more intricate. Elle’s long-distance relationship with Noah was difficult, and she also had issues with Lee, who had recently had a girlfriend, Rachel (Meganne Young).

The introduction of a possible romantic interest, Marco Pea, greatly complicated her situation (Taylor Zakhar Perez). Thankfully, they overcame all of their individual and group problems, clearing the way for them to appear in The Kissing Booth 3.

When Elle and Lee head off to college, they decide to spend the entire summer together, at which point Elle must make a tough choice: continue on to U.C. Berkeley, where she and Lee have always planned to study, or go to Harvard, where she and Noah have become close.

Her final decision was independent of anyone else’s, and she enrolled at USC. As the third film in the trilogy concludes, will Elle have a place in The Kissing Booth?

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Will There Be a Fourth Kissing Booth Movie?

Because to a six-year time leap, everyone in Netflix’s The Kissing Booth 3 has graduated from university by the end of the film. So, there are no plans to make a sequel to The Kissing Booth at the moment.

The Kissing Booth 3: One Last Time, the final installment in the series by author and director Stephen Reekles, served as a major source of inspiration for the sequel. Yet, it is not out of the question that the streaming giant will continue the franchise if there is enough demand for it.

Cast of Kissing Booth 4

While there has been no confirmation of a fourth installment of The Kissing Booth, the film’s possible cast remains unknown. Joey King, Jacob Elordi, and Joel Courtney are in talks to reprise their roles as Elle, Noah, and Lee if the show is given the go-ahead by Netflix.

As the events of The Kissing Booth 3 left the actors aged six years older, new characters will be introduced when they enter adulthood.

Possibilities for Romance in the Fourth Kissing Booth

Not only did the third film in The Kissing Booth series follow the conclusion of the books on which it was based, but the books themselves ended after that. The continuation of Elle, Noah, and Lee’s stories in The Kissing Booth 4 would necessitate a brand new story, which Netflix would have to create from scratch.

It’s probable that in the sequel, Lee and Rachel start a family while Elle and Noah reconcile and get back together.

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Date of the Booth Kissing 4

While Netflix has not confirmed production on a fourth season of The Kissing Booth, a precise premiere date is unknown. A third installment of The Kissing Booth may not be released for some time, even if the streaming giant approves it.

Netflix already has a full lineup, so writers need to come up with a fresh concept for their show. In any event, that won’t be an issue because the time-jump at the end of the threequel practically releases them from the constraints of the actors’ real ages when playing younger characters.