What is The Akamai NetSession Client and How to Uninstall It

Akamai NetSession Client is application software that mostly comes preinstalled or comes with an application that you try to install on many computers and laptops. It can be installed to improve the speed, reliability, and efficiency of the downloads and streams from the Internet.

Akamai NetSession runs in the background as a service that can be viewed by opening the Control Panel on your Windows PC. Akamai Netsession Client uses a peer-to-peer network for achieving the same and streams the data on the internet.

What is Peer-to-Peer Network?

Akamai NetSession Client

So, a Peer-To-Peer (P2P) network consists of computers connected via the Internet. This allows them to share data or files without the use of a central server, which allows the system to reduce the download time and speeding up the download process. It acts as a download manager as well as a peer-to-peer server.

Akamai Netsession Client needs access to the public and private networks that you use to connect to the Internet. So, the Windows Firewall blocks the Akamai NetSession Client and asks the user to allow it to access the public and private networks they use. The way Akamai works may raise some doubts if whether one should allow it to access his computer or not. To clear these doubts, we have to get some more detailed information about this service.

The Akamai Netsession Client takes information from an installed computer, just like a web server, and uses it for troubleshooting and network performance monitoring. It means that Netsession constantly sends information about your computer to Akamai. Moreover, it also uses your idle bandwidth to upload files to some other Akamai users.

Akamai is a trusted company and will not trade with your private files or some sensitive information with its servers. But it uses the user’s idle bandwidth to scrutinize the files it transfers. Moreover, using your computer when its idle or when you are using it is enough to deny Akamai Netsession Client to access your Internet.

Also, as this program uses your idle bandwidth to upload files through your internet, it can use a lot of data for which you have to pay to your Service Provider. This can be a real trauma for those who have data limits on downloads or uploads through their internet connection per month.

Uninstall Akamai Netsession Client

Many famous companies use this interface to unload their web servers and improve user-experience. You can stop this service temporarily to see what difference it makes. For that:

1. Open Control panel.

2. If you have a Mac computer, open system preferences and navigate to the Preference tab.

3. Find the Netsession application and click the stop button.

4. You can also start this service by clicking the Start button. But if you don’t have any faith in this service then you can uninstall it by following the given steps:

5. Press the Windows key and “R” key simultaneously, which will open the Run box.

6. Type appwiz.cpl in the Dialog box and click “OK.”

7. From the list of programs, search Akamai Netsession Client, then double click on it and choose the uninstall option.

Final Words

I hope these methods help you to fix Akamai NetSession Client error.